Rosenberg Responds

Rosenberg Office of Emergency Management

Rosenberg’s Office of Emergency Management (OEM) maintains the City’s emergency operations plan and is responsible for coordinating the City’s preparation for and response to emergency situations; provides training and support to other City departments and local agencies including those in the public and private sectors in the development of their emergency operations plans; coordinates emergency management activities in the event of a significant emergency which may impact public safety; educates the community how to prepare for a disaster; coordinates activities of first responders, and serves as the City’s liaison to Fort Bend County’s Office of Emergency Management.

What does the OEM do in the event of an emergency or a disaster?

Rosenberg’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is activated to coordinate and support efforts to respond to, and recover, from emergencies and disasters. EOC personnel works in tandem with appropriate city departments as well as various county, state, and federal agencies to respond effectively and quickly provide for the continuity of services to the public.  

During an emergency situation, EOC personnel also collect, provide, and disseminate timely information to elected officials, the media, and our citizens.

What does the OEM do during hurricane season?

The OEM working with the Houston-Galveston Office of the National Weather Service, monitors regional and national weather information for its potential impact on the area.

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