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Severe Weather/Thunderstorms

 While some thunderstorms can be seen as they approach, others are not visible. Recognizing the warning signs can help .


Severe Thunderstorm Watch and Warning


The National Weather Service is responsible for issuing both a thunderstorm "Watch" and thunderstorm "Warning".

    THUNDERSTORM WATCH  - When conditions are such that winds reach or exceed 58 miles per hour or hail three-fourths of an inch in diameter are likely to occur.  

    THUNDERSTORM WARNING - A severe thunderstorm meeting the "thunderstorm watch" conditions has been sighted or observed on radar.

    Important Information


    Warning signs of thunderstorm conditions:

    Dark towering or threatening clouds Distant lightning and thunder.


     One one-thousand, two one-thousand, KABOOM!! By counting the seconds between the flash and the thunder and dividing by five, you can estimate your distance from the strike (in miles).

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